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From June 1 Nanjing will raise the minimum wage in urban areas by 180 yuan

Reporter learned from Nanjing and Social Council on the May 30th, according to the consent of the Nanjing Municipal Government, from June 1, Nanjing raised the minimum wage.

The minimum wage does not include overtime pay

Under the program, Nanjing minimum wage adjustments as follows: the first class districts from original 1140 yuan / month adjusted to 1320 yuan / month, an increase of 180 yuan, to the scope of Nanjing urban area (including Jiangning District, Luhe District, Pukou District); the second class district from original 930 yuan / month adjusted to 1100 yuan / month, to the scope of Lishui County, Gaochun County. Hour minimum wage adjustment as follows: first-class districts from original 9.2 yuan / hour adjusted to 11.5 yuan / hour; second-class districts from original 7.5 yuan / hour adjusted to 9.6 yuan / hour.

The person in charge of the City and Social Council reminded the minimum wage does not include the following: overtime pay; shift, night shift, high temperature, low temperature, underground, toxic and hazardous and other special work environment, under the conditions of allowance; laws, regulations and national the provisions of workers benefits. The employer shall pay the monthly wages of the workers in the excluded does not include the above project and the individual shall not be less than the minimum wage according to the lower limit of the housing provident fund deposit.

Actually get on our hands on the minimum wage was 1122 yuan

However, the minimum wage does not mean that the workers actually get our hands money every month. 1320 yuan / month, for example by the implementation of the minimum wage in the urban area, which includes three individual workers shall pay social insurance premiums, pension insurance (8%), unemployment insurance (1%), medical insurance (2% ). The minimum fee base of 1794 yuan, according to Nanjing, the current social security social security charges a minimum monthly personal burden of insured workers was 197.34 yuan, so the net of social security costs, workers actually get our hands on money to 1122.66 yuan.

Transportation costs, communication costs, lunch subsidies and other subsidies, is also included in the minimum wage? In this regard, the City of labor inspection detachment to explain that if an enterprise of these subsidies in the form of money, together with the monthly wage payment, a wage areas, can be included in the inside of the minimum wage. Traveling expenses by the workers to take the corresponding invoice certificate, such as fuel invoice documents to be reimbursed, should belong to the welfare sector, it can not be included in the minimum wage.

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